Release History

Check NetApp-REST

1.4.0 More Checks

Release planed for January 2022


  • check_netapp_snapshot volume monitors the space used by snapshots per volume related to the volume-size or the snapshot-reserve.
  • check_netapp_aggregate object-store monitors the the availability of aggregate object-stores.

1.3.0 Check for missing volumes

Release planed for November 2021


  • check_netapp_volume missing will check for accidentally deleted volumes.

1.2.2 Absolute perfdata for relative volume-usage

Release planed for November 2021


  • check_netapp_volume usage prints absolute perfdata for relative thresholds (–warning=80% –critical=95%) as well.

1.2.1 Volume Usage in Percent

Release planed for November 2021


  • check_netapp_volume usage understands relative thresholds (–warning=80% –critical=95%) as well.

1.2.0 RESTful disk check

Released 2021-08-31


  • New checks:

    • check_netapp_disk will check for the disks container-types
    • check_netapp_volume usage monitors the used space on volumes including functions on aggregated values like the sum, average or min/max.
  • New option:

    • --show-instances=CRITICAL,WARNING, ... allows to shorten the message of overall-plugins. See the docs for this option.

1.1.0 More RESTful Checks and config-files

Never released as stable - features and fixes are included in v1.2.0 now.


  • More checks:

    • check_netapp_ems reads and evaluates the Event Management System log
    • check_netapp_certificate monitors the the expiry-date of server- and other certificates.
  • With the support of the new --config=somefile.toml option the creation and maintenance of large configurations get’s way easier. Configuration files can be used for:

    • large include/exclude lists
    • global include/exclude lists
    • to override the default values (authfile, storedir, …)
  • Improved debugging-facility to tackle down API errors on some Ontap releases: In case of an API-error the error-message contains the endpoint now.


  • check_netapp_shelfenv: Fix error “could not parse api content: json: cannot unmarshal number into Go” (Issue #374)

  • check_netapp_netport: Fix error “cannot unmarshal number into Go struct field NetPort.speed of type string” (Issue #375)

1.0.0 First standalone package

Released 2021-01-28


First standalone package of the binary-only NetApp check plugins. This package is meant as an supplemental to the checks written in Perl with the following advantages:

  • Easy to install - zero dependencies

  • Faster

  • Future prove - uses the latest official API from NetApp (RESTful API)


  • The RESTful API ist not available on filers with Ontap < 9.6

  • Check NetApp-REST is not as feature-complete as the Perl checks but introduces new features or fixes incompatibilities of the older checks with newer Ontap-Versions. Again: This is a supplemental product.