check_netapp_snapshot volume count

Checks the number of snapshots that match one or more filter criteria.


This plugin counts the number of snapshots, which have a defined age (or match other filter-criterias).

Important Parameters

  • --younger-than / --older-than: Sets age limits to ensure that only recent snapshot copies are counted or to warn against snapshot copies that are too old. See Durations.

  • --include / --exclude: Filter based on the instance names.


$ check_netapp_snapshot volume count -H filer --warning=7 --critical=2 --comparison=lt

Checks all snapshots on all volumes on all aggregates. Returns CRITICAL if at least one of the volumes has less than 2 snapshot-copies (or warning if less than 7).

$ check_netapp_snapshot volume count -H filer --warning=7 --critical=2 --comparison=lt --younger-than=10d

Same as above, but count only snapshot-copies created within the last 10 days.

$ check_netapp_snapshot volume count -H filer --warning=5 --critical=10 --comparison=gt --older-than=52w

Check for Snapshot copies that are too old (orphaned). Returns CRITICAL if there are more than 10 Snapshot copies, each of which is older than 1 year.