check_netapp_volume (volume's state)

Checks if a volume is offline or in another undesired state.


$ check_netapp_volume state -H <host> [...] [--help]
$ check_netapp_volume state -H <host> --ok-state=[…] […] [--help]


The volume plugin retrieves the volumes state and compares ist with the value of --ok-state (string or regular expression).

Important Parameters

--include / --exclude: Include or exclude volumes based on their name. The SVM-name is pre-fixed to the volume-name so that you can filter also based on the SVM-name.

For all other parameters consult --help on the commandline.


Check all volumes for their state using the --ok-state default:

$ check_netapp_volume state -H filer 
NETAPP VOLUME STATE OK - 5 volumes checked
vserv_b.vol2: online
vserv_b.vol1: online
vserv_a.vol1: online
vserv_b.vol0: online
vserv_a.vol0: online