Monitors the expiry date of server- and other certificates.


$ check_netapp_certificate -H <host> [...] [--help]


This plugin checks the SVMs certificates. Alarms if they are going to expire within a configurable period of days.

Important Parameters

--include / --exclude: Include or exclude certificates based on their name. The svm-name is pre-fixed to the certificate-name so that you can filter also based on the svm-name.

--warning / --critical: Thresholds for the expiration period in days - calculated from today. (e.g. --warning=20 will warn if at least one certificate is going to expire within the next 20 days)

--type - certificate type, defaults to server so that only server-certificates will get checked.

For all other parameters consult --help on the commandline.


./check_netapp_certificate -H sim96
NETAPP_PRO CERTIFICATE CRITICAL - 3 certificates checked
101 certificates skipped by type (default: server)
sim96cluster.sim96cluster_15C531AC49B9C240.sim96cluster (type: server, exp. 2021-09-16T12:04:21+02:00)
vserv_b.vserv_b_15C5388782DAC910.vserv_b (type: server, exp. 2021-09-16T14:09:59+02:00)
vserv_a.vserv_a_15C538857A9BF1EC.vserv_a (type: server, exp. 2021-09-16T14:09:51+02:00)

Checks all SVMs for their server-certificates expiration period.

./check_netapp_certificate -H sim96 --warning=90 --critical=40

Same as above but set explicit warning- and critical thresholds (90 and 40 days).