Checks the disks of an Ontap filer.


$ check_netapp_disk container-type -H <host> [...] [--help]


This plugin checks if disks in unwanted container-types are present.

Important Parameters

--include / --exclude: Include or exclude disks based on their name. The node-name is pre-fixed to the disk-name so that you can filter also based on the node-name.

--ok-type: Regular expression that defines, which container-types are ok. The default is ^(aggregate|spare)$ effectively seeing all disks which are either in an aggregate or in a spare container to be ok.

For all other parameters consult --help on the commandline.

sim97::> disk show -fields prefailed, container-type
disk     container-type prefailed                                     
-------- -------------- --------- 
NET-1.1  aggregate      false     
NET-1.2  aggregate      false     
NET-1.3  aggregate      false     
NET-1.4  aggregate      false     
NET-1.5  aggregate      false     
NET-1.6  aggregate      false     
NET-1.7  aggregate      false     
NET-1.8  aggregate      false     
NET-1.9  aggregate      false     
NET-1.10 aggregate      false     
NET-1.11 spare          -         
NET-1.12 spare          -         
NET-1.13 spare          -         
NET-1.14 spare          -         
NET-1.15 aggregate      false     
NET-1.16 aggregate      false     
NET-1.17 aggregate      false     
NET-1.18 aggregate      false     
NET-1.19 aggregate      false     
NET-1.20 aggregate      false     
NET-1.21 aggregate      false     
NET-1.22 aggregate      false     
NET-1.23 aggregate      false     
NET-1.24 aggregate      false     
NET-1.25 aggregate      false     
NET-1.26 spare          -         
NET-1.27 spare          -         
NET-1.28 spare          -         
28 entries were displayed.

The prefailed check is not implemented yet. Please drop us a note, if you would like to have that check as well.


.$ check_netapp_disk container-type -H sim96
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.28: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.27: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.26: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.25: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.24: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.23: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.22: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.21: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.20: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.19: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.18: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.17: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.16: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.15: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.14: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.13: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.12: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.11: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.10: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.9: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.8: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.7: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.6: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.5: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.4: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.3: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.2: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.1: aggregate

Checks is all disks are in either in the aggregate or spare container.