Monitors the (free) disk-pool space available for thin volumes on e-series nodes.


This plugin monitors how much space is still available in the disk-pool for thin volumes.

It is particularly useful when you start taking snapshots or mirroring to another e-series. In such cases, you will monitor the FreePoolSpace to track the changes until they are mirrored to the other system or until the snapshot is deleted.

A typical output would look like:

$ ./check_eseries_pool free-space -H node01 -w 100TiB -c 50TiB
ESERIES POOL FREE-SPACE OK - 157.8TiB freePoolSpace available

Do you want to see usedPoolSpace as well in this plugin? Just drop us a line to:

Important parameters

-H | --host: The host-name or IP address of the e-series node

-w | --warning, -c | --critical: The minimum required freePoolSpace in bytes. Can be written in MB, MiB, TB, TiB, … as well.

Please use --help on the commandline to get help on the other parameters.


Check the free disk-pool space on node01 and warn if less than 120 TiB are available for thin volumes (crtitical if less than 80):

$ ./check_eseries_pool free-space -H node01 -w 120TiB -c 80TiB
ESERIES POOL FREE-SPACE OK - 157.8TiB freePoolSpace available
| 'freePoolSpace'=173447959281664;131941395333120;87960930222080;0;

Same as above but with higher thresholds:

$ ./check_eseries_pool free-space -H node01 -w 160TiB -c 100TiB
ESERIES POOL FREE-SPACE WARNING - 157.8TiB freePoolSpace available
| 'freePoolSpace'=173447959281664;175921860444160;109951162777600;0;