Release History

Check E-Series

1.4.1 Check Controller Statistics

Released as 1.4.1 on 2024-06-17


  • New check_eseries_controller statistics: Checks all available metrics on the eSeries controller. E.g. cpuAvgUtilization, writeThroughput, mirrorBytesPercent.

1.3.0 Authorization-Header

Released on 2023-07-03


  • New parameter --authorization: Allows to authenticate with tokens (keys) instead of username and password.

    If you have used the option-alias username instead of user in the authfile, please change it to user now. The same goes for password, which should be changed to pass.

  • The number of instances skipped by --include / --exclude is now printed to the extended message.


1.2.1 Show controllerRef in Output

Released 2022-04-06


  • check_eseries_interface shows now the controllerRef for each interface in the output.

1.2.0 Interface Check

Released 2022-03-21


  • check_eseries_interface for checking the channel-type and various aspects of SAS, iSCSI and fibre-interfaces (status, miswire, speed, … ).


  • check_eseries_health: Aspects like nvsramDisableCfwDownloads can be excluded now.

1.1.2 Docfix

Released 2021-10-06

Fixed and improved

  • Some text in --help was misleading and contained a TODO

1.1.1 Bugfix

Released 2021-08-25

Fixed and improved

  • Some checks did a POST instead of a GET request which resulted in an “unexpected error” from the API.

  • Better, more helpful error-message in case of an auth-error.

1.1.0 More Checks

Released 2021-08-15


  • check_eseries_nic monitors several aspects like link-status, speed or error-condition of the network interface cards.

  • check_eseries_pool monitors the free space in a disk-pool available for thin-volumes.

1.0.0 First stable release of check-eseries

Released 2021-05-27

  • E-Series Health Check plugin for Nagios-compatible monitoring systems: The check-plugin actively triggers a health-check on NetApps e-series storage devices and sends nicely formatted results to the monitoring system.