Known Issues

A list of workarounds for known issues with check_site_simple.

Please feel free to request a solution by sending an email to if you are not happy with one of the workarounds presented below.

Too many requests (


CHECK_SITE_SIMPLE CRITICAL - 9 pages checked, 9 pages with error (ERROR: 429 Too Many Requests (source:

Youtube does not like to get crawled. If your site has many links and a small interval between checks, you may reach some threshold and will be blocked.


  1. Check pages with youtube-links one by one and with a higher interval

  2. Exclude links to youtube from monitoring: --ignore="\\E"

Links to are heavily protected against automatic crawling and return 999 instead of 200 if their pages are requested by a crawler.


Exclude external requests from the check: --ignore="\\E"