Release History

Version 1.1.1

released 2022-05-03


  • expired certificates are no longer ignored

Version 1.1.0

released 2021-06-24


  • Links to images and media-resources are checked as well from now on. Therefore the message changes from pages checked to resources checked.

  • 0 resources/pages are CRITICAL by default now. This behavior can be controlled by the new parameter --no-pages=OK|WARNING|CRITICAL|UNKNOWN.

  • External links can be given a grace-period (to avoid false alarms for unstable, flapping external resources).

Version 1.0.0

released 2021-02-23

check_site_simple has been thoroughly tested in the real world and already helped a lot to keep sites consistent and free from misleading or outdated information.


  • page-count if a site is crawled
  • better handling of trailing slashes in --ignore

Version 0.4.1

released 2020-07-18


  • URLs with a trailing slash confused the crawler. This has been fixed now.

Version 0.4.0

released 2020-06-29

The 0.4.0 release is a fully rewritten version of check_site_simple with these ground breaking improvements:

  • Active Mode: By default the script will output its message to stdout in a way, that allows to configure this check as an active-check. Active checks are familiar to most monitoring-admins and require less configuration work than passive checks. With the --passive switch the plugin can be switched into passive mode.

  • Verbose Mode: Setting the --verbose switch will output carefully crafted debugging messages to the console.

  • Redirects are not followed anymore: We found it both confusing and against best practices for webserver configurations to treat redirected URLs the same way as a direct connection. Therefore the plugins requires a valid, non-redirected --url now.

    In a future release we will amend a function to check, if a wanted redirection is working or not.