Check NetApp-ZAPI interacts with and extends various nagios compatible hosts and services infrastructure monitoring applications, such as op5, Icinga, Shinken, Nagios, etc. specifically for NetApp storage devices (aka. filers).

Check NetApp-ZAPI is a set of collectors and checks to monitor NetApp filers (ONTAP).

  • The checks read performance- and status data, compare it with thresholds and exit in the Nagios manner with a status from 0 (OK) to 3 (UNKNOWN). The checks also print more or less comprehensive information to stdout.

  • The collectors are also implemented as service-checks of your monitoring system. But their main task is to collect the status- and performance data from the monitored system, so that the checks can read them from a local store instead of contacting the monitored system multiple times.

This two-step process is much more efficient compared to scripts which would contact the filer directly.

What do you need

To successfully install, configure and run the NetApp-check-scripts you will need:

  • A functional nagios or nagios-compatible monitoring installation, full details for which can be found here: www.nagios.org/documentation/

  • A license file which you can download from the distributors portal. See page License File for details.

  • A user-account name and password (credentials) for the NetApp-system(s). The following configuration chapter provides a detailed explanation on how to create such an account.