Upgrading from a previous release is just like installing it but much more simple, since most of the steps are already done. In fact it is a one-liner:

Untar the downloaded archive to /usr/local/monitoring-plugins.pro/netapp-snapcenter/

tar -xzf check-netapp-snapcenter-1.1.0.tar.gz --directory /usr/local/monitoring-plugins.pro/netapp-snapcenter/
Explanation of the tar command ...

Depending on your version of tar, the user who is calling tar and some other factors, it may be necessary to change the ownership of the extracted files to the monitoring-daemons user. (In the example below, change the username from nagios to e.g. icinga, monitor or whatever your daemon runs with.)

cd /usr/local/monitoring-plugins.pro
chown -R nagios netapp-snapcenter/

That’s it. You may now check the programs --help (or the release history) for new options and how to configure them.