License Files

Name and location

Each of our products needs a valid license file to run. Customers get these files typically from where they ordered or downloaded the product. The installation guide of the product explains where to place the license file.

The license file-name starts with CNR, holds the product name and its extension is dat. Example: CNR-00000-00000_check_netapp_pro.dat.

Do not change the license filename or content! Always copy or move the file as it is.

It may make sense to have a common directory (e.g. /usr/local/ for all products. In that case you can use the --license-dir option from the binary to switch away from the products default location, or symlink the common dir to the products default.

Checking for license-expiration

We also provide a dedicated check-plugin check_mp_license at no cost, that will monitor a license directory and will warn if a license is going to expire in the near future.

The typical usage is:

$ bin/check_mp_license --license-dir=/usr/local/
CHECK_MP_LICENSE OK - 1 license(s) checked
CNR-00000-00000_check_netapp_pro.dat, status: OK (exp. 2025-12-31)

If you have more than one license in the named directory the plugin will check all of them and warn if at least one of them is going to expire.

We have also prepared a complete example configuration to check for license-expiration in the tarballs etc/-dir: license.cfg