Support Options

The Matrix

A complete list of all checks with a description, the present development-status plus valuable configuration-information. This is probably the most important page for a successful configuration of the checks. Check ist out at

The Blog

Our blog contains several articles about features you may miss or problems we have seen - mostly together with a solution. Articles are grouped by tags and categories and we offer a full-text search option. Check it out at

You can subscribe to the blog so that you will receive a notification by e-mail whenever we publish a new article.

The Index

In a feature-rich suite like Check NetAppPRO it is difficult by its nature to find the feature you are looking for. Therefore we provide an index of features with a link to the related checks. You may also browse the index from time to time to discover new options for monitoring your filers. Check it out at

Support Files

Direct checks and getters have a --support option. Whenever you are debugging a getter or check on the command line and would like to ask us a question related to the output or logic of that check, we recommend to add the --support switch to the end of the commandline and send us the resulting file. (In case of an check which gets its data from a store collected previously from a getter please create the support file with the related getter(s).)

As always further information about the mentioned options can be retained with --help.

Contact details for where to send the resulting file will be provided on the commandline or below.

Content of the Support File

The support-files content depends on the --support_scope. Most of the time we are fine with its default so don’t worry about it.

Of course you can open the tar file and inspect the content of the support file before sending it. You will find some log-files (of stdout and stderr) plus several store-files containing the data of the getters.

The Department

You can contact our support department by sending an e-mail to Please consider attaching a support-file.