Docker Hints

Some hints and alternative configurations for the docker instance running the checks.

Instead of starting and closing a docker instance for every check, one can also start the instance once and send the checks to it:

  1. docker load -i check_netapp_pro.tar.gz (this is the same for and

  2. Start an instance of the container with name netapp_checks and restart-policy always:

docker run \
        --network=host \
        -v /usr/local/check_netapp_pro/var/store:/usr/local/check_netapp_pro/var/store\
        -v /usr/local/check_netapp_pro/etc:/usr/local/check_netapp_pro/etc \
        --name netapp_checks \
        --tty \
        --restart always \
        --detach \
  1. This configuration will start the docker-instance netapp_checks together with the docker-service. This instance will then run the checks sent to it with docker exec.

    Instead of you must use with the following content:

    docker exec --tty netapp_checks $@