RESTful API Backgrounder


Network considerations

You can connect to the RESTful API through the following interfaces:

  • Cluster management LIF
  • Node management LIF
  • SVM management LIF

The LIF you choose to use must be configured to support the HTTPS management protocol. Also, the firewall configuration in your network must allow the HTTPS traffic.

Tip: You should always use the cluster management LIF. This will load balance the API requests across all nodes, and avoid nodes that are offline or experiencing connectivity issues.

Limitations and Known Issues

The RESTful API is quite new and quickly evolving. We do our best to port as much as possible to be prepared for the future when the older ZAPI will be switched of by NetApp.

Fortunately the older ZAPI still works on all present Ontap versions - so the above checks are an growing supplement to Check NetApp-ZAPI.